Monday, 15 September 2014

Bryan Susilo implemented on his passion and got success

To be successful, having a passion and a vision is very important. But more important than that is having the will to implement on these passions and designing strategies to execute on your passion. We all know that to do so, hard work in the right direction is the ultimate key to get assured success.

One such individual who made sure his passion didn’t go unfruitful is Bryan Susilo who got inspired from his words like “You are the architect of your own life – whatever it is you want to design, create a blueprint for it, and make it happen”.

These words of his father had such a deep impact on Bryan’s minds that Bryan Artawijaya Susilo started working for his passion since an early age by collecting as much information as possible in shortest duration of time. His knowledge took him among various successful entrepreneurs and gave him the experience he needed for a successful life. All his hard work surely paid off for his passion.

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